06 August 2011

XW4 - 30/07/2011

A few shots of XW4 from 30/07/2011 at Aylmerton.

 NR8/NR85/AN8 on XW4.

Side door containers on NQOY 14914.  NQOY wagons are becoming more common on PN Intermodal/Steelink jobs.  

RQMF 4305 - now an 80km/h runner, with 110km/h stencilled - probably from when it was an AQSY or similar! 

A favourite of mine - Now looking like more of a rainbow with the PN stripe on the side sill.  V/Line painted out with FA green, a light blue databoard, and a PN yellow safety stripe.  This will make a very nice model!


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