03 August 2011

New RKVY Tilt Beds

Noted on todays XW4 steel job was brand new RKVY 8004.  About 3 weeks back I noted a brand new 8001 on a PW4 service.

I believe there are 5 being built at UGL Bassendean.  These are probably from the order that PN placed quite a few years ago but the job was canned due to the GFC. 

Unfortunately I filled up the SD card prior to 8001 going past, and in the case below, my camera had a auto focus malfunction and as such was delayed in taking the photo!  Anyway, I'm sure I'll see these again in the near future.
 RKVY 8004 - Not my best shot, but a record none the less.

The motive power on the lead was a nice and grubby NR102, with a friendly Junee driver.


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