17 August 2011

High Cube FCL

Something rather unusual on PS6 a few weeks back  - a rake of about 10 FCL 3.2m high (10'6") containers.  They were loaded onto a low level RRYY and also into a 5-pack well wagon. 

Also attached is a photo of MB4 earlier that day.



  1. Are you sure that the containers on the RRYY wagons are 3.2m (10'6") high?

    If my memory is correct standard 3.2m box containers are not allowed to be tranported on RRYY wagons only in well wagons on the East Coast.

    Some years back I was involved in discusions about the rail transport of 3.2m high containers for transport of motor vehicles between Melbourne and Brisbane. The 3.2m height being desirable to maximise the carrying capacity of the containers.

    Modification to structures was considered but due to the large number of structures involved the solution was the MB container.

    The mansard roof allows the full 3.2m height when loaded on RRYY wagons and still fit within the allowable loading outline.

    Arthur R

  2. G'day Arthur,

    Thanks for the comments.

    The FCL boxes are definately 10'6 (3200mm). Standard 3200mm boxes can be loaded onto RRYY wagons as long as the extra twistlock height adaptor is not used.

    The RRYY and TRAY wagons have a deck height of 830mm. Combined with a 10'6 container (3200mm), this give a total height of 4030mm - right on the limit for east coast container loading.

    The AB boxes, and Patrick A and C boxes (and the TNT/Ceva boxes) are all 10'6. There are other common 10'6 boxes getting around such as Toll 40ft paper containers, and 53ft Linfox containers.

    The MB boxes are actually 11'4 (3454mm) and have the concession to exceed 4030mm as they have the mansard roof.

    Hope this jogs your memory.