07 August 2011

NP3 01/08/11

Some interesting loads on NP3 last Monday.  These photos were taken at Moss Vale.  If on the earlier path, NP3/NY3 is often put away for the Down Canberra Pass to overtake. 

A load of short pipes in an RKWY. 

Just like the Auscision model, RCSF 54 withthe yellow bottom and old orange top rail.

The load in RCSF 54 comprised of 4 coils - one was checker plate. 

Rail Pair RKAF 5 (coupled to RKAF 6 out of picture on the left) 

The draw bar in RKAF 5. 

 An RKCX (Maybe 1173F) with an XGB bogie.

Close up of the XGB bogie.  Also note how the tarp is secured. 

Round Merchant Bar loaded into RKDF 20524.  Often Merchant Bar is loaded into tarped open wagons. 

Structural steel load on an RKOX.


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