28 August 2011

PS6 - 10/08/2011

Some shots of PS6 at Mittagong and Bargo on 10/08/11

NR93 leading PS6 past the wattle. 

One of only two left with the original side 'diamonds', NR80 in the shafts. 

Trifecta of Pedemont containers on NQSY 34962 - one of about 20 NQSY wagons in service. 

RLSY 18676 with a missing logo panel - finders keepers?   

A very fresh van with a missing databoard, so no idea what wagon this actually is.

The second series 1 van that I have seen repainted in new colours - RLUY 18630. 

RQNW 7 showing its Victorian heritage with a Aligned bogie. 

RQNW10 with Aligned bogies also.   These are pretty common in the PN fleet these days.

Skel deck RQTY 570. 

An SCF Rail Containers container with a large advert on the side. 

Water truck as part of the load on the NQOY.


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