06 August 2011

Friday Mish Mash 29/07

A few shots of various wagons and containers on PS6 and BM4 from Friday 29/07

Interesting combo on BM4 - NR/NR/AN at Mittagong.

PS6 Combo at Aylmerton. 

 An ISHU 'Bears' removalist container.

Not so common in the eastern states - Northline 45ft container.   

The usual vans on PS6 - RLSY 18667 in SRA red. 

 A faded RLUY 18724, sans signboard.

First series KLV, now RLSY 18645. 

A pretty old Brambles 40ft reefer on an unidentified RQCY. 

Another common wester container on RQFY 73. 

A K&S timber load on RRKY 2691, sporting original CR logos on the sidesill. 

An RRYY with all Toll Cartainer. 

Finally, a Total Logistics curtain sided container


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