18 November 2012

WA Container Wagons

Thanks to those who have commented on this Blog.  I have added some more wagon details in the blog in RED.
11 days since my last Blog - talk about slack!  Anyway, I have just been over to Western Australia for 24 hours, and managed to get about 1100 photos.
I've processed them all through Photoshop and will try and post them in some sort of order.  This batch is all about ARG/QRN container wagons.
The weather was pretty nice, but I had to take what I could get on Friday morning (at 0530), especially with the incredible consist on 5426 from Kalgoorlie. 
AQAY 2273 was converted to this current format when ASR/AWR existed.  The chassis is an AOOX, cut down and skeletalised.  I am pretty sure it is a one off and was probably not financially viable (although it is a good concept).  These shots were around the Northam/Toodyay area.
Definately a former Commonwealth Railways RO, this wagon is now AQBY 30121.  I imagine when AWR was purchased by QRN, this wagon, and some other AQBYs came along for the sale.  The wagon probably wore the code AQOY/RQOY previously.
This wagon (and 6 others) were built new for WAGR back in the 1970s, with a code of WFCX.  30121 is the class leader, and they are very similar to the ROX wagons operated by CR.
AQCY 31033.  This is a pretty stock standard WAGR 63ft container wagon.  Previously coded WQCY, many were coded WQTY when Toll ran a train service around 2000-2001.  Quite a few are in NSW also running as AQCY wagons leased from GWA. 
AQGY 30048.  While this is a WAGR wagon, I don't have any details on it.  Certainly a beefy little sucker.  The above three shots were at Kwinana.

This wagon is a former WFDY type wagon.
AQHY 30058 with sulphuric acid tank CSA 0073.  Seems the AQHY fleet are all fitted with CSA tanks.  This shot was at Forrestfield.
This wagon is a former WFDY type wagon.
Still wearing the orange from Alice to Darwin line construction trains, AQRY 1003 is a bar coupled two-pack.  This wagon was a former AFRF railset and has a long history with the Commonwealth Railways.  Interestingly, the wagons retain a non-WA number.  This shot is near Toodyay.
AQWY 30231.  This seems to be a standard WQCY/AQCY with a weight reduction deck modification.  This wagon is carrying containerised Ammonium Nitrate.
AQWY 30412. This seems to be a standard WQCY/AQCY with a weight reduction deck modification. This wagon is carrying liquid Ammonium Nitrate.
Carrying a special wagon code of AZDY, this wagon numbered 30726 is loaded with Sodium Cyanide containers.  Again, it is a WAGR wagon but I am unsure of the history behind it.  The above three photos were taken at Kwinana.
This wagon is a former WBAX boxcar.


  1. Terrific collection Chris
    Good to see some of my local product ideal for HO scaling trust you enjoyed your trip west

  2. Thanks Chris. Great set of pics of some not often seen WA wagons. AQGY 30048 is a former WAGR WF/WFDY general flat wagon, without to many changes to became a container wagon.
    I think the AQHY below it is an ex WFDY with a few more changes.
    Cheers, Matt Curtis

  3. Nice shots, a note on the AQBY, Norm Bray has a photo of it at Tottenham Yard Vic in the 1980's as WQBX 30121 W, seen here.


    Cheers, Brad