07 November 2012

Western QLD lines - 25 August 2007

After seeing the Wuiske model release of the QLX and QSC, I thought I'd have a look for what memories and photos I have of these 'boxcars' - hoping to maybe buy a few on the 'broad gauge' to go with some 2300s.  I have too much Aussie and US stuff to convert my 1435mm empire!  
Usually heading 'west' towards Laidley and the Toowoomba range about once a year, the normal delights are coal train after coal train, with a glimpse of the Westlander and maybe a container service.  A stock train, mollasses train and the occasional wheat train also made things interesting.
Knowing that the Charleville (Cunnamulla/Quilpie) freight was running, Graham and I based ourselves at Miles, about 200km west of Toowoomba.  We would meet the train heading east and follow it back.  On 25/08/2007, we got up early and headed west, getting towards Jackson (Between Miles and Roma) before spotting the train coming towards us.  The chase was on - easy to catch, but getting it in sunny conditions was the challenge. 
Below are some photos from the day, including plenty of wagon shots.  This might be one of my biggest Blogs yet!
For the record, the train into Miles consisted of 2315/2481 and:
13 QSC type curtain siders, 12 QLX type vans, 1 HWO, and 4 RCF reefers on the rear.  At Miles, 10 Sheel diesel tankers were attached to the front of the train.
For those interested, the wagon numbers that I could get from photos are:
OBAM 43828, OBYM 43898, OBAM 43847, OBAM 43916, OBAT 43835, OBAM 43853, OBAM 43915, OBAM 43829, OBAM 43834, OBAM 43879, QSCM 38463, QSCP 36898, QSCP 35281, QSCP? 32640, QLX 36410, QLDP 39442, HWO 39517, QLXM 38525, QLCP 39262 (Yellow Eastliner), QLXM 38513, QLXP 39111 (charcoal passenger roof), QLXM 37373, QLXM 36938, RCF 39634, RCF 39612, RCF 39608, RCF 39620. 
Just west of Miles.

Picking up 10 Shell tanks at Miles.

Attached back to the train at Miles.

At a bridge around Columboola.

OBAM 43847 and OBAM 43916.

OBAM 43898
OBAM 43916

OBYM 43898

RCF 39608

HWO 39517

QLDP 39442 with Q-Link signage totally covered.

QLXM 38513 with Q-Link signage.

QLXP 39111 with the charcoal painted roof for passenger service.  Also the old QR logo.

QSC 32640 in Q Link livery.

QLXM 36938 in a grey repaint.  What seems to be common to the 36000 series is the additional louvres on the ends and sides.

QLXM 37373 with an old QR logo.

What would have been a sight to see when new, heavily graffitied QLPC 39262 wears the yellow QR Freighttrain Eastliner curtain.


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