03 November 2012

SCT PBHY - Greater Freighter

Time for a blast from the past.  With a new HO model due soon, I thought I might share some SCT PBHY Greater Freighter photos with you, as well as some livery details.  
Class leader PBHY 0001 at Islington on 29/07/2006.  At this stage, these wagons were pretty new. , having only entered service in late 2005 or early 2006.  0001 is the only wagon to have the Greater Freighter lettering and the BIG W logo.
PBHY 0002 at Islington on 04/02/2009, shows the Greater Freight lettering only.  0003 and 0004 also carried this lettering.  There are a few PBHYs getting around with scuffs on the 'T' letter - probably due to the door latch scraping. 
PBHY 0024 was very fresh on 29/07/2006 departing Islington.  From what I have photoed, it seems that wagons 0018 to 0027 inclusive were fitted with the BIG W decals. 
PBHY 0062, was part of the second order of these wagons (two batches of 32).  I'm pretty sure there are 64 vans (0001-0064), with the vast majority looking the same as 0062.  There are a few minor variations in the later build.  The main items being the slightly different number board and the reflectors.  Certainly nothing major.  Here is 0062 at Forrestfield on 20/11/2007.

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