02 November 2012

Newcastle Bits

Some bits and pieces from Newcastle a few weeks back.  The sun wasn't always out, but the interest factor was high. 
A good modelling project - a repaired CAI container with a grey panel.
The old and the not so old CSA containers heading for Cobar on a CQSY wagon.
The old and the new CSA containers on a SQDY.
Now this is an odd one - a single NHRH!  NHRH 50171.
Quite a few of the PHCH wagons have very clean bogies, showing the original green colour scheme on the CRA coded bogies.  These have possibly been cleaned to allow for axle inspection following a series of broken axles over the last 12 months.
An early QR 120t coal hopper - QHAH.
Fast forward to the newest build for QR, the QHCH.
Finally, one I've been wanting to catch - RKWY 2259. 


  1. What is the wagon number that carried CAI container?

  2. Close - 60012.

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