06 August 2011

Blog Stats

If you are like me, you love statistics. 

Here are a few about my Blog:

Started 8th March 2010 (seems like a lot longer!)

Blog Posts 298 (almost at 300! - Stay tuned for another Exclusive photo for Blog 300)

Post Freq of better than 1 every second day

Almost 50,000 page hits (49900)

Almost 50 followers (I can't crack the 50 - been at 49 for ages!!)

July 2011 had the most page hits - 5599

So far I've really enjoyed Blogging, and I'm glad I got into it.  I see the main advantages being; it's free, it's quick to post, the format is nice, and I (and you) can easily search all most posted photos by a wagon code or key word.


1 comment:

  1. I think you will crack 50 followers now.