26 August 2013

Aurizon NG Coal Hoppers

A selection of West Morton coal wagons from last week.
Recent repaint VAMQ 42297 with full Aurizon text.
VAKMQ 41890, now on the West Moreton system, but with a Blackwater Only sticker.
A favourite of mine, which I seem to spot regularly.  VAJQ 40520 painted with a marine theme back in 2001.
Another recent repaint, but sans Aurizon text, is VAMQ 41987.  Also on this train where VAMQ 42315, 42305 and 42340, all painted the same.
Former in grain service and with AWB logos, VAHQ 37681 is now hauling coal.
Similar to the shot above, VAHQ 37761 is also now a coal hopper.


  1. Do you have any other photos of the Aurizon marine-painted VAJQ 40520, particularly of the other side?

  2. I have seen this wagon before and I have a 35mm print somewhere, but I am not sure if it is the other side. Sorry I can't help further.