15 August 2013

CFCLA Wagons on the Botany Line Part 1

Here are some shots from July of various CFCLA wagons on the Botany line, taken at Mascot
Class leased CQAX 1.
CQAX 18 fitted with a cross brace bogie.
Series 2 CQBY 2045.
Series 3 CQBY 2078
'Sherman Tank' CQDY 054.  Only 4 of these exist.
CQEY 217, a former NOFF which was cut down and lengthened.
An unidentified CQEY, with a SUD container and Thermo King unit.
CQFY 429, a formed NOBX/NDCH.
CQHY 062, which has original NDRF ends and an entirely new centre section.

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