17 August 2013

CFCLA Wagons on the Botany Line Part 2

 Part 2 of the installment:


New build CQJY 2443 was built at BRO Islington.
CQKY 1010, coming up to 10 years old, was built at Bradken Newcastle.
Painted in Patrick red, here is an unidentified CQMY. 
CQMY 3027 with a SUD reefer fitted with a Carrier unit. 
CQMY 3064 in Patrick red.  The CQMYs were built by BRO.
Recent built CQPY 1715.  This is 40ft version of the CQJY.
Converted from an AOOX, CQQY 2801 is the class leader, and rather inefficient for container traffic in NSW.
CQSY 478, a converted ELX/VOBX.
New CQZY 1667 is a CIMC built wagon, manufactured at their Dalian factory.

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