16 August 2015

July Catch Up

Expect a few blog updates from July.  It's amazingly difficult to keep on top of all my shots.

NR41 portrait leading PS6.

An old FCL box - FCG 964284

A Linfox FCGU 9140003

Another Linfox FCGU 9140020

FGDU 9108143

The Linfox boxes are 4 letters and 7 digits rather than the usual 6 digits and a check letter.

An old Toll bulktainer - NB 29013

An old 20ft container with just the number.

5-pack artic well PQYY 7007.

Marked for NYK Logistics, but carrying the Sadleirs code of RCS 4098.

RQAY 21945.

RQPW 60077 with a standard marked Sadleirs RCS 40ft cotnainer.

RVTU 941347 with the lift deck logo.

A Royal Wolf curtain sider - RWTU 903092.

Without the lift deck, this box is RWTU 941324.

Standard shipping box TIHU 210197.

Very faded VQCY 517 with Toll TCML 48520.

The train in question - PS6.


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