11 August 2015

SCT in Victoria (Part 1/3)

Manage to get some shots on SCT PM9 near Cressy last week.  Here is part 1, which is intermodal based.

SCT 001 and 012 roar through the trees.

SCT 001 over the dirt road level crossing.

SCT 5 pack, PQQY 50005.

48ft reefer SCTR 205.

48ft dry container SCTDS 4851.

80ft skel, PQIY 0037, with an early 40ft+ reefer SCTR 001.

40ft+ reefer SCTR 103.

A former Macfield Lease container with the crude markings of RTR 02.

Boxcars are coming is part 2.


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