24 August 2015

Salamanca Fresh!

Toll reefer TSHR 1501 is getting around with Salamanca Fresh markings.  Salamanca Fresh is a fresh food retailer in Tassie.

All other TSHR reefers (in the 1500 series) carry the standard Toll markings.



  1. Saw TSHR 1503 today on 2BM4 which also had the Salamanca Fresh logo. Good to see something different out there.

    Also I saw Aurizon 2MB7, there was a 40" container AFRDW 131107 with large Woolworths branding. The container looks similar to the Aurizon branded ones going around.

    Thanks for your posts. Cheers Sam

  2. Thanks for the news! Maybe 1502 also has Salamanca marking?

    The AFRDW is a recoded Aurizon container, so it is a few years old. They have been remarked with the W for Woolies and also have green twistlock corners. Can't wait to see the markings on 131107!

  3. I uploaded a video of 2MB7 and the Woolworths container is seen at Woolworths on 2MB7 25-8-15