03 September 2015

New Aurizon Wagons

Some new Aurizon wagons turned up on MB7 this morning.

Double LDPs, 008 and 005 on MB7 this morning past Aylmerton.

QQBY 2031 S with an AEED container.  Probably was once marked as SCFU.

QQBY 2038 M with a Cronos CXSU box.

The end platform of 5-pack QQDY 1202.

MB7 rounding the curve at Maldon.

QQBY 2031 S again.

QQBY 2044 H with CRT 30ft container.  These wagons have 40ft central twistlock locations, allowing one 30ft box to be carried, but not two.  The QQAY wagons are the same. 

QQBY 2106 A with an Aurizon AEDB box.

5-pack QQDY 1201

QQDY 1202 with two empty platforms.

A block of AEED container on QQDY 1205.

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