13 September 2015

Qube Paper Train & TS Lines Boxes

A late Qube 1311 through Bargo with 1101 leading two other units.

A have blogged a little bit in the past about TS Lines.  Unlike most shipping lines, they commonly have their logo on leased containers.  Here are a few TS Lines leased and owned containers on 1311.

Dong Fang DFSU 436577.  This is a standard 8'6 box.

Another Dong Fang with the older TS Lines logo.  This is DFSU 424743.

Florens FSCU 514529 - another 8'6 box.

Tex leased box TEMU 773798.  This is a high cube 9'6 box.

Triton TCMU 453560.

TS Lines own box TSLU 040313.  Note the height difference to the container on the left.

A 9'6 version of the container above.  This one is TSLU 053177.

Looks like a former Yang Ming container, now marked as WCIU.

The up Endeavour (at Werai).


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