17 September 2015

Aurizon MB7

Yesterday on the way to work I managed to follow MB7 through Bargo and Spaniards (Glenlee area) with some photos.

Double 6020s round the reverse curve at Spaniards, next to the Hume Highway.

Regular front runners, SCT vans are pretty common these days.  This one is ABSY 2451.

A Royal Wolf container marked for Aurizon as an AEED.

A couple of photos of Millers Moves container MMM006.  These are pretty old these days.

This was an interesting find.  TM773 is an open sided container.  I think it joins with others to create a portable building.

QQAY 47825 with a Bulkhaul BLKU tanktainer.

New QQBY 2014 with an Aurizon AFED container.

QQBY 2041 with an SCFU Reefer.  These previously carried Wilmot markings.

QQBY 2106 with an Aurizon AEED Rail Containers box loaded centrally on the wagon.

Old school QQGY 700 with a pair of CRT boxes.

Jumbo QQMY 22004.

Another Jumbo, QQMY 22032.

Fresh Royal Wolf RWTU 443048 with the new logo.


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