10 September 2015

Visy Paper Train

A late running 1311 from Enfield passed through Bargo yesterday with the sun just high enough for some very nice morning photos.

This Blog will show the standard wagon types and the variety of various shipping line containers.

Triple 1100 class locos are now running the service, having recently replaced triple CMs leased from CFCLA.

CQZY 1658 with a TAL TCLU container.

SQEY 65 with a Gateway lease GATU container.

New SQDY 107 with a Hapag Lloyd container.  Very bright!

CQMY 3007 with a single CMA CGM container with light steel and eco bamboo flooring decals.

Another new SQDY 101, with an older (old logo) CMA CGM container.

SQEY 59 with a pair of CMA CGM containers, with one advertising the light steel design.

SQEY 84 with a leased Seaco container (marked for leasee CMA), and a CMA box with the eco floor markings.

Former broad gauge SQEF 41 with a pair of Maersk boxes in old markings.  

The current Maersk livery containers are loaded onto SQEY 82.

SQEY 56 with a different pair of Hapag containers.


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