02 October 2015

A selection of yesterday.

Various shots from various trains yesterday.  All were PN services.

Currently an uncommon sight - G530 in between two NRs on MB4.

The down Endeavour pass to Moss Vale crosses MB4.

TSHR 1300 on MW2.  Note that these series (1300 series) are true 40ft containers and not 40ft+.

NQKY 34651 with a Chemtrans tank and rebranded Sinotrans box.

An NR/AN combo on NY3 working hard up the grade.

Rail pair RKLF 180.

NQKY 34633 with a pair of Royal Wolf containers.

RKBY 20544 with some round bar.

RRKY4263 with a pair of butter boxes.

Two G class in one day!  Green G537 in the middle of double NRs on BM4.

Roster shot of G537.

An Aurizon box on a PN train!  AFED 411274.

DAWS 100011.  Probably Dawson removals.

FISU 000001.

Seacontanks GESU isotanker.

A nicely wrapped and tied down load on a K&S flat rack.

A former Pilkington glass container, now MDA89.

Looking yellow and worn, Sadleirs 48ft box RCS 4822.

OSS removals OSSU 296021.


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