17 October 2015

PN Friday

A few PN trains from Friday afternoon.  The containers are from BM4 and the steel wagons were on NY3.

SBIU 2108628 returning to Melbourne.  I photoed this container heading to Brisbane back on 9/9 on MB4.  See the other side of the container here

A trailing shot of the same container.

A newer style 46'6 reefer container ARLS 429.  I'm not too sure who owns this container.  The container code/type is marked as RFRG which I don't believe is within the standard.

On the back of BM4 was empty wagon VQCY 793.

FCL origins, PRRY 5012 with some butter boxes.

RCSF 90 with an older Barber bogie and 5 coils.

RCKX 18 with a patchwork quilt!  I don't think I have seen one this repaired before.

RKKY 3-Pack billet wagon.

Loaded plate on RKQF 60273.

Monster plate wagon RKXF 60228.  Now that is a beast!


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