06 October 2015

BM7 Today

I'm loving this earlier path.  Past my place in beautiful afternoon light.  Normally I have to wait until mid December before I can shoot Aurizon.  

LDP 007 and 003 on BM7 today.

The Aurizon marked Woolies container, AFRDW 13110 was back today.

AFRD 413063, without the green Woolies corner markings.

Formerly marked for QR National, reefer container SCFU 480084 sits on QQBY 2102.

Looking lonely on the end, ABLK 201208 sits on QQGY 695.


1 comment:

  1. The Woolworths container made in onto a corporate video of Aurzion winning carrier of the year by Woolworths. Thought it might be interesting.

    Woolworths and Aurizon