27 January 2016


Some bits and pieces on BM7 last week.  

Double LDPs leading BM7,

A scrappy looking LDP009.  It must almost be time for an ICC and a wash!

PBGY 21 with common rust stains.

A recently repaired PBGY 83 looks good as new.

Millers Moves MMVU 000067

Orica tank ORA438

A pair of Orica tanks on QQAY 47821.

Some DGs in shipping containers on QQGY 583.

QQGY 654 with a mix of 20s.

A 48ft Rail Containers box on QQMY 22017.

QQMY 22021 with a different coloured end.  Maybe sun damage?

A former QR green side door is now SCF grey.  SCFU 305011-2.

SCFU 414062 which is a CPC (cellular Pallet wide) container.

Caru leasing SLZU 740056.  These are starting to turn up on various services.


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