06 January 2016


A few shots of the empty garbage train running back to Sydney.

8162 with yellow cab roof and cabside numbers.

More standard livery 8184 with the blue roof patch and large side carbody numbers.

40ft ISO tank EXFU 14708 (#999) on NQHX 14475.

NQHX 14502 with a pair of XH bogies.

NQIY 10184 with a container that has a depressed roof.

Not so common on these services are NQTY wagons.  Here is NQTY 20484.



  1. I'm assuming that the tanktainer is carrying some form of liquid waste to the tip - are they a common sight on the train?

  2. It does carry a liquid waste. I assume it must be any liquid from the garbage when it gets packed at the depot in Sydney. They only have the one tank container and it seems to be relatively common (i.e. it runs a few times a week from what I have seen).


  3. And I thought the bin juice at the bottom of my wheelie bin was bad - imagine the tanktainer full of it!