08 January 2016

BM7 - New Years Day

A few more photos from New Years Day BM7 service.

After an ICC, LDP 004 is one again clean....for a little while.

Aurizon bulk container ABLK 201225

Standard 48ft box AEDB 913039.  This container is fitted with decking beams for double stacking pallets inside.

Ambrose & Sons removals AMB 78.  The Aurizon side door is ASDV 211364.

Loading with a caustic alkali liquid is Cronos tank CXTU 100740.

Eurotainer EURU 094005.

Loaded on QQBY 2034 is QRTB 708051 which is another Aurizon bulk container.

New liveried SCFU 414082.

QQBY 2026 with Wridgways WWSF 000175 and CRT 5056.


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