19 January 2016

Railsets on NY3

A few classic RKAX railsets on NY3 yesterday.

Double NRs leading NY3

RQCY 840 with three RV boxes.

RQMF 2072H with three RV boxes.  This could be an Auscision model shortly.

RKLY 20260 with a fresh RH butter box.

RQTY 59L with some Royal Wolf containers.

First classic, RKAX 11 with the SAR crest on the lead wagon and the back wagon in AN green.

RKAX 6 with both wagons in AN green.

RKRF 1603 is slightly newer than the RKAX fleet.

RKAX 2 with both in SAR grey.

The second platform of RKAX 2 with the ANR box logo.


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