22 February 2017

MB4 at Bowral

Following MB7 was MB4 with NR/AN/NR combo.

CDDU 920054-6 marked as Caloundra Removals & Storage.

The centre well of an RQLY with a Ches CMT box and a Grace GRRU box.

A plain CMPU 020042 box.

Marked as NYK Logistics, this is a Sadleirs box, RCS 4098.

Articulated 5-pack RQLY 1006

Stolt ISO tank UTCU 466319-9.

Patrick curtain sider SPD 26.

Caru leasing box SLZU 750192-0 with the simplified logo text.

In the next number batch is Caru box SLZU 760024-4.

The down Canberra Explorer.


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