25 February 2017

NY3 at Bargo

NY3 at Bargo a few weeks ago.

Double NRs on NY3 at Bargo, after passing though the town.

An NQFF or NCJF with DMJU jumbo coil containers.

RCQF 20807 with some very old style cradles (note the timber)

RCSF 29 with small coils.  The rust colour is almost yellow.

RCSF 88 with a great variety of coil sizes.

Below is a variety of slab steel wagons
RKBY 20416



RKGF 20259

RKHF 20876

The underside of plate tilt-bed RKVY 7270.

Rail-pair RKRF 1632

Another rail-pair RKRF 1834


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