21 February 2017

MB7 Loading

LDP001, leading CF4402 and LDP002 on MB7 coming through Bowral on a sunny Saturday morning.

Bulkhaul ISO tank BLKU 253575-0

BRSK 800023-4

A pair of aluminium CRT boxes on CFCLA's CQGY 565.

Orica tanks ORA 453 and 455 sandwich a MCTU McColls Transport ISO tank on QQAY 47821. 

A new Royal Wolf Aurizon side door container, RWTU 932673-4.

An SCF side door container with vertical door bars, SCFU 314055-9.

40ft side door SCFU 612025-8.

A Toll Shipping side door TSSD 307075-0 (a former SCF box) and a FRAGILE box RAVU 740765-8.

A nice blue highlight on a K&S KHS flat rack.  The white pakcages are Wesbeam timer, and the blue package is e-bearer+joist.  Most of these loads are all white Wesbeam packages.  Also note how the load extends over one end by a few feet,


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