23 July 2010

3MP5 - Mmm Double Stacks

Probably my favourite thing about Railroading in South Australia is the Doube Stacks. MP5 is usually made up of large number of well wagons double stacked, and this one was no exception. It even had triple deckcar carriers!!

Approaching Bowman with NR94 and 93 in the lead.

Former Bluebird trailer, RZDY 103 (IBIS) is the crew car for the trip to Perth.

Plenty of Toll and Ceva containers double stacked in RRZY, RQZY and RRRY well wagons.

RRZY 7033 with a bright collection of containers.

There are not a lot of places where you will see open car carriers, let alone triple deckers. Leading 7 such wagons is RMWY 34025 and 34024, still painted in Westrail yellow.

RMDY 3141, ex AN wagon.

RMGY 1802, ex AN wagon, capable of carrying 5 cars on each deck. These tyes of wagons have a heavier centre sill and are about 3m longer than the other triple deckers.

Another double stack. The top container looks to be an ex-Linfox (ex Cubico) 48ft. It is now painted in Toll green and marked for TSPD.

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