17 July 2010

About time for an UPDATE!

It has been a while between shots. I have been pretty busy with meetings and travel, although next week should yield a few interesting photos from SA.

XW4 with another top NR/NR/AN Combo



RQCX 712?

RKJX 48 with safety yellow sides. YUK!

MB7 (Running late, and I got punished by the cloud!!)

QQTY 883 with a QRN 40ft+ reefer

QQTY 859

QQGY 509 still in FA Yellow

CQBY 2171 with some nice mud splashes from the numerous mud holes on ARTC track!

1 comment:

  1. The SCF containers are from Adelaide and travel to Darwin to deliver to the woolworths stores across the NT, The macfield ones are refrigerated containers delivering to coles stores