07 July 2010


Some photos of PS7 last week.

NR99 and NR91

Inline Fuel tank on RQHY 7072.

A Pedemont and Toll container on a 5-pack end platform

One of only a handful of 24ft container used by PN. This box is PNXC 4605.

RLSY 18710. With three new side panels, it looks like this previous red van was painted grey. Certainly an interesting weathered wagon.

A former TNT bulk container.

A truck skel on a flat rack.



  1. I note the 24ft container has twistlocks at 6 positions on each side, when a normal container has only. I guess this allows the container to be loaded with a single 4ft overhang on one side, or a 2ft overhang on both sides.

    What wagons are they usually loaded onto? The 5 pack pictured looks like it has 48ft platforms.

  2. G'day Marcus,

    You are correct. The multiple positions allow the container to be mounted with different overhangs. A lot of 48ft containers and reefer container are similar, to allow them to be centrally loaded on a 5-pack platform, or butted up to the end of a 60ft or 80ft wagon.

    The 24ft containers are part of the Trailerail replacement program, and as a result only ever seem to travel on 48ft 5-packs, mainly RQQY and RRQY. They normally travel in pairs but I have seen 4805 by itself a few times now.