23 July 2010

Coleman Rail - Adelaide Metro Upgrades

Well here is the start of about 10 or so Blogs on South Australian trains.

I thought would start with the highlight of my trip - the Coleman rail Kenworth cab over and a small broad gauge ballast train.

The work train is loading along side Islington Workshops, and was operating around the Islington/Kilburn station areas.

The consist was Kenworth K100, AHBF 0007, and silver Ballast hopper (formerly NN 105).

The drvier was nice enough to smile for the photo!!

The rear of the K100 with hi-rail wheels and compressor unit.

Formerly NN 105, sold to Coleman Rail by El Zorro.

Loading GWA hopper AHBF 0007

The works train at the loading point. The SG track to the right is the enterance to Islington Workshops. The tracks on the right are the BG Metro lines.

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