26 April 2012

ANZAC Day Part 2 - PS6

Here are some photos of PS6.  I have split this Blog into two due to the number of photos.

Another triple NR combo past Aylmerton.

 A load of cable drums on a flat rack.

A nice blue Chess moving container CHEU.

 A Helium (2T - 1046) contianer marked as WCGU.

Now ISHU 940047, this was aq former Royal Wolf container. 

Wagon RQDY 60063.  There are not many RQDY wagons in traffic compared to other jumbo wagons fitted with 2 piece bogies.  The RQDY fleet is fitted with 70t bogies.  This wagon was formerly VQDW 43. 

Tank Containers Australia tank used for printing ink - nice mess on the side!  

A standard Royal Wolf box in orange.


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