19 April 2012

NY3 - 30/03/2012

A few wagons off NY3 a few weeks back.  I was only just sunny past Aylmerton!

RCKF 32 with a load of Jumbo Coils.  The bogies are different at each end - a Ride Control on the left and a Barber on the right.

I believe most of the RCWFs have now been given the chop, but a few RCOFs remain in service.  These are former BDY/NODY chassis.  RCOF 20579 is photoed here, and is fitted with XG type bogies.  The fleet of RCOF wagons are fitted with various X type bogies.   

RCQF20842 is another NODY conversion, with a fresh yellow side sill.  A few years ago, PN stopped repainting bogies during overhaul, so as a result, there are still quite a few yellow AN bogies running around.   

RKFX 34 with a variation on the yellow side sill.

RKFX 42 with the full yellow side sill.

RZXY 2255 with old wheels for reconditioning at either EDI Port Augusta or Gemco Perth.


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