27 April 2012

ANZAC DAY Part 3 - More PS6

The second and last lot of PS6.

A well faded RLUY 18719.  This would be a good modelling project - spraying a Sadleirs van with a thinned white or light grey until it is alomost toally sunbleached!

Another faded van, RLSY 18727, with a missing logo panel.  Shame it wasn't painted underneath!

A favourite class of wagon is the RMX.  Here is RRKY 4312 with a timber load and a liquid nitrogen container. 

An SCFU container as a mobile billboard.  I got one of these last year as well. 

A 'half height' toll container.  These are commonly double stacked west of Adelaide. 

A repainted Toll container. 

Marked for Toll SPD (TSPD) is a Cronos leasing container. 

Another marked Toll SPD (TSPD) is this Rail Containers SCFU container.


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