25 April 2012

Sunny ANZAC Day

XW4 was the first of three trains I managed to photo at Aylmerton today.  The wind was rather forceful, and thankfully kept blowing the clouds over quickly. 

Now we are in April, the lighting remains quite nice all day - and it is nice the see the sun once in a while!

Triple NRs on XW4.

RCKF 31 with jumbo coil.,  Of interest was the dozen or so loaded jumbo coil wagons at the front of the train - obviously ex Melbourne (manufactured in Port Kembla), but not too sure where they are headed for? 

V/Line survivor RCSF 46 with a slightly updated livery.

Another V/Line survivor, RCSF 89 with the databoard positioned over the old logo. 

Recendly recoded RKMY (formerly RKMX) 60 has two recently refurbished butter boxes.  The RKMY class is capable of higher speeds than the RKMX due to the installtion of constant contact side bearers (and adequate testing).  Another thing that struck me with this photo was the painted tops of the butter boxes - I have seen this before but it never tweaked with me until now.  I suspect that the top colour is the year they have been refurbished - and the colour system aligns with the wheelset bearing colour.  

Last of all, VQCY 829.  I'm not too sure how long this wagon has been on SteelLink services as it was formerly allocated to the Bulk Division.


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