23 June 2014

5 Days of SteelLink (XW4) - Day 1

After dodging clouds on Saturday afternoon, I managed to snap XW4 steel service past Aylmerton.  After looking over my photos, this consist could be one of the most interesting all year.  In order to document the variety of wagons, the next five Blog posts will highlight the interesting wagons on this service.

Up front was a pretty standard combination of double NRs.  NR113 led.

RKWY 11 loaded with reo bar (probably from Melbourne).

RKWY 4017 loaded with structural steel (probably from Whyalla).

RQCY 865 loaded with two Royal Wolf boxes (probably from Kalgoorlie or Melbourne)

RQCY 912.  I was more interested in the container as it looked to have a different colour door (but it was just red dirt!).  Interestingly, this wagon has been modified at some point, with side sills cleaned of lashing rings and stanchion brackets.  The deck has been skeletalised, yet the chain boxes remain.  An interesting and possibly unique RQCY/VQCX type wagon.  

VQCY 576 still in Freight Australia green.

A Royal Wolf box with the newer logo on display.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Day 2!

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  1. Looking forward to it Wagonfreak. Do you know what would be in the Royal Wolf containers?