27 June 2014

5 Days of SteelLink (XW4) - Day 5

Finally, we finish the 5 days of SteeLink with empty jumbo coil wagons.  These are getting more and more varied and are a wide selection of wagon origins.

NCFF 21502 is a former NQFF fitted with permanent cradles.

NQJF 21646 is another NQFF but fitted with coil containers.

RCBF 20336 is another BDY/NODY underframe, but riding on 70T bogies.

RCEF 1119 is a former ELX with permanent cradles.

RKCF 78 is a former RCSF with modified decking.

RCQF 20354 is similar to the RCBF but with a third cradle.

RQIW 60331 with a pair of containers.  The RQIWs have made a home on the steel services between Port Kembla and Melbourne.

RQTY 754 loaded with coil containers rather than butter boxes as per day 4.

VQOF 1079, which shares the same chassis as the RCEF but is fitted with container.

Here ends the 5 days of SteeLink.


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