22 June 2014

PS6 Flatracks

Went out for a sunny shot on Saturday of PS6 with an interesting combo including 8211 as third unit.

NR37 leading a quad including 8211.

A flatrack with a section of scaffold or crane laying flat for transport.

Another sectional piece on a flatrack. 

The same section again (taken at Yerrinbool).

RQJW 60019 with a load of timber.

RQJW 22064 with a nice mix of containers.

RQFY 19 with a container fitted with what looks to be an air conditioner.

RQNW 12 with aligned bogies.  Always a favourite.

PN 5-pack well RRRY 7015 up front.

Last well in the set had a single container.  Note the blue insides of the well.


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