26 June 2014

5 Days of SteelLink (XW4) - Day 4

Here is a selection of blue boxes and butter boxes used to carry steel loads protected under removable covers.  It is always interesting to compare the amount of weathering on each box.

NQOY 14925 with two blue boxes.

NQTY 20916 - a former BDY/NODY.

RQMY 20530 is also a former BDY/NODY despite carrying a VR wagon code.

VQTY 542, fitted with 70T bogies.

NQFF 21510 with a pair of butter boxes.  Post Patrick Portlink operations, the NQFF type wagons have found a home on the steel services hauling various loads including jumbo coil.

RKLY 20323 with two-piece bogies and the same chassis as RKMY 20530 above.

RKMY 165 which carries the correct code for a former ELX chassis.

RQIY 10198 with a standard pair of butter boxes.

RQTY 12, which is an upgraded AQCX or VQCX, with smooth sides and removed chain boxes.  70T bogies are also fitted.


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  1. Noticed RQNW 12F on 6NY3 this morning, I remembered you had a photo of it on here seen on 4PS6 last week.

    Here's a video of 6NY3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diGfXPRe4jU RQNW 12 is about 45seconds in