05 March 2017

Aurizon BM7

Aurizon's BM7 from early Feb 2017.

6026 leading LDP006 at Aylmerton

Taken 15 minutes before the Aylmerton shot, here is the combo at Bargo.

ISO tank BNBU 150384-6

A pair of ASDV side door containers sandwich an Exsif ISO tank on CQBY 0142.  

Two new side door containers on CQGY 544.  The grey one is an SCF container marked as ASDV 216068 for Aurizon, and the other is a Royal Wolf RWTU 932667, with Aurizon logo. 

Eurotainer EURU 111440-9 marked for Solvay, carrying Hydrogen Peroxide UN2015.

Cronos ISO tank CRXU 867787-1.  This is a frameless tank.

Orica tank ORA 415.  This tank has the unusual additional of longitudinal bars near the top edge.

A pair of ORA Orica tanks sandwich a CTC CHemtrans tank on a QQAY wagon.

Another QQAY wagon with a CBHU 20ft box and a K&S steel load on a flat rack.

A Chemtrans CTC tan, an Solvay ETNU tank and a Kent box all on a QQAY,

A tarped K&S load on a KT flatrack on a QQAY wagon.

Caru Specialized Leasing bulk CPC container SLZU 510222-1.

Bulk contianer TSHB 9253.  Toll containers have started appearing on Aurizon services in the last few months.

Rail Containers SCFU container, marked for Toll QRX is running as QRXA 410264-0.


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