21 March 2017

Aurizon BM7

BM7 at Bargo on 22/2/17.  

A very clean LDP002 leading 6009 on BM7.

LDP002 in QR National livery.

A pair of ABLK containers on a CQBY.  The Caru box is ABLK 5603.

A former FUKU container, now marked for Aurizon as ATED 380989-7.  These are owned by Tradecorp and leased to Aurizon.  

A load of Orrcon Steel on a K&S KHS flatrack.

An interesting load on a K&S KT flatrack.

A K&S KTLU 401409 curtain sider,

An unusual visitor on the east coast is NTFS 40ft container 781.  

A favourite of mine, Rand Big Freeze reefer RBFU 466001-7.

Royal Wolf RVTU 941367-3.  Auscision are doing models of these containers.

An unusual pair of RWOR Royal Wolf containers.


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