08 March 2017

BM4 Containers

Some interesting containers on BM4 in Feb.

Triple NRs at Bargo.

Former Pilkinton box, now AMX 05 is a glass container coming in at 11'6 (3500mm) so needs to be transported in a well wagon.  The box infront is 9'6!

A very old FCL FCGU container.  It would be close to 20 years old,and the far end has recently been repaired.

RQJW 60019 wit a load of 20ft boxes.  The two Pedemonts are marked differently.

Another old box and an old curtain.  This Toll-SPD box, 633, is marked for Australian Paper.

A neat load on RQJW 21976.  A 40ft sealcell and a 21+ TSDR Toll Reefer.

Unit48, PVDU 480049-1.  In Europe these are Unit45s and are 45ft long.

Contianer ICOU 751779-7 has a roller door mounted into the side of the container.  

SCFU 875890-0 is an SCF Tank Contianers.  It looks like it was blue underneath.  

JTSU 016743-7.  I'm pretty sure these are moving powdered building materials between Melbourne and Brisbane, such as cement and lime.  

A true 40ft Toll reefer.  This one is TSHR 1302.


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