23 March 2017

BM4 with an 82 Leading

Not something you get on the main south everyday!  8220 leading double NRs onm a BM4 service on 22/2.

8220 leading NR18 and a sister NR at Yerrinbool.

The same train at Aylmerton.  

A mix of Royal Wolf side door containers were on the train.  RWTU 610377-9 on NQOY 14985.

RWTU 610527-8 on RQCY 957.

RWTU 610411-6 on RQCY 470.

Double Toll curtain siders on RQJW 21974. The containers are a 3NW and ST type.

Another double with an NW and NXL type curtain siders.

Some cool loading on RQJW 60036.  A 48ft PVDU container shares the deck with a 21+ TSDR reefer.

Nearly 10 years old, SCF reefer SCFU 807041-2 has the new logo applied.


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