12 April 2010


PW4 rolled through at lunch time with a very interesting collection of steel wagons.

RCAF 20602 with twistlocks to carry a scrap container in the middle. Only a few RCAF wagons have this feature, as the mod was generally applied to the RCQF class which has 70t bogies. They were recoded RCBF.

RCSF 54 shows both its origianl NRC paint scheme (orange top band) and the more recent PN yellow band.

Normally running between Port Kembla and Brisbane, this is the first NCFF I have seen on the south. NCFF 21557 is fitted with 2 permanent coil cradles. These wagons often have a scrap container in the middle section, similar to the RCBF class.

Big Daddy RKXF 60205 plate steel wagon. There are not many old clunkers around these days, but the RKXF plate wagons manage to survive.

RCDX 53 has finally had the AN logo repainted. Most of the RCDX class have had the AN logos left in the middle panel for many years.

Following on from the RCDX 12 story yesterday, here is RKCX 4003. It has a similar heritage, as it was former SAR ELX536, and became part of the Victorian fleet. It was RCCX 3, but was recoded to 4003 due to a clash with RCVX 3, when everything was lumped as the RKCX class. Note that 4003 doesn't have a ridge pole. It also have the Laysaghts Coil sign next to the databoard.


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