11 April 2010

Weekend Steelink Wrap Up

A few Steelink wagon photos from th last few days. Most wagons have some interest factor or unusual history behind them.

RCDX 18, fitted with a NSW XGA type bogie. These were quite uncommon under these wagons, but recent years has seen PN fit almost any type of 'X' type bogie into an 'X' type wagon. The RCDX fleet is normally fitted with XLA style bogies (although they are the SA version - AGXD). On the same train RCDX 32 also had an XA bogie fitted.

RCDX 12 has an interesting history. It was built as SAR ELX505, and was given to the Vics following a derailment (more info can be found in Bogie Freight Wagons by Norm Bray/Peter Vincent). This SAR ELX was recoded as VOSX 12 (then to VCCX/RCCX), then should have become RKCX 12 (like the rest of the RCCX fleet). However, it is now carrying the RCDX code (not sure if it ever was an RKCX).
The RCDX code has strictly been for former SGX/FCD (AOCX) type wagons with the ribbed ends. This is the only former ELX in the RCDX fleet. It should definately be an RKCX also, as it has a ridge pole for a tarp.
The photo below shows the Lysaghts sign it still carries from it's earlier days.

An RRDY with 3 slag containers bound for Newcastle.
RKCX 95, formerly RCDX 95, is fitted with a fancy green PN tarp. There are a handful of former RCDX open wagons which are fitted with ridge poles and have been recoded RKCX. Also on the train was RKCX 59 (also in AN colours).

RKEX 2 with some unusual additions to the end sections. This is the only RKEX with these larger ends.

An RKCX withouth a tarp fitted, but a moveable divider is placed in the middle of the wagon to keep the two short loads from shifting inside.



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