27 April 2010

Electric Train Desparation

Headed to Strathpine footbridge this afternoon to try and get a freight or two. With only half an hour to spend, I made the most of it, and in shear desparation, took photos of electric trains. Below are what I managed to get. Some are going away shots.



  1. Hi Chris, you're a long way from home! I actually live very close by and get off at Bray Park Station (next one up the line from Strathpine). Glad you were in the neighbourhood. I similarly enjoy going to the Railway Museum. I usually get two visits in a year.

  2. G'day Greg,

    I'm always a long way from home it seems. Just have a look at some of my recent posts!

    I went back to Strathpine yesterday with some more info and managed to get a PNQ train. I'll post photos later this week. I tried to get PNQ today at Sherwood but it never showed up. Will try the Saturday arvo job around Zillmere.